Read about Fimo polymer clay used for modeling beads

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What is Fimo polymer clay

  • Beads are made and found out of the strangest materials.
  • There is also a practical way to make your own.
  • This can be done with polymer clay. Fimo by Eberhard Faber, is the most known brand.
  • The idea is simple: roll, shape and go mixing and modeling till you have the shape you want. Don´t forget to pinch a whole. Bake your beads at the right temperature and time in the oven. Your own hand made beads!
  • To do this, you can dispose of a great variety in clay colors, tools, Thermometer Fimo for your oven.accessories and even complete jewellery kits containing all instructions and supplies you need to make complete jewelry sets!

    Enjoy your baking!


Polymer modelling clay for beads making.

Have Fun!