Find instructions and alle beads and supplies to make our own earrings



Instructions and all beads & supplies to make our own pearl or bead earrings, creole´s, hoops , clip on ´s and more.

Making earrings with pearls and beads or any other ear fashion is quite easy!

Here we briefly explain how it´s done and what kind of materials you need.

There are various techniques that lead to the nicest creations. Pearls that can easily be put on a creole earring.

  • Ornaments/beads using eye or head pins
  • Thread with calottes and crimpbeads
  • Put beads on easy bases like creole earrings or glue them on clip ons
  • Sew beads on a colander base (Earrings and nornal rings)


Any of the above made can than easily be attached to a classic fishhook , ear clasp or any other system you choose.

Have a look in our online store and browse through our earring findings, pearls, beads and other supplies.

Using our link pages and our own instruction pages you can find and learn the several techniques as mentioned. To get some more inspiration, have a look at our own beaded designs.

If you don´t find what you are looking for: make it yourself with Créate!

  Creole earrings with clasp Creoles attached to fishhook! Yust fill with beads or pearls...Ear clasps with glue on base.Simpel earclasps.Ear clips with colander to sew beads.



Simple ear pins.