The big advantages of buying beads and findings online in our webshop



Once registered as a client you can benefit a lot of special advantages and enjoy a very complete and user friendly functionality of your account.

Below we explain all benefits and functionalities.

The menu structure is the same as you will see in the shop at the right hand column, once you have signed in.

This is your menu.

Click on every item to see its explination.

My account

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My orders:

Always access to your previous and current orders.

See their payment and order status.

Re-order function based on previous orders.

Access to all invoices.

Add specific notes for every order.
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My credit slips:

Here you can administrate possible credits in relation to returns and errors. Their value will be refunded to your credit card or the account you used for their payment.
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My addresses:

Administrate different addresses. Very handy if you want to receive your order elsewhere or send it as a gift.

Before checking out we offer you to opt to send your order as a gift and include a personal message.
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My personal info:

Administrate all possible related information related to your account.
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My vouchers:

Here you can administrate possible credit vouchers in relation to returns and errors. Their value can be exchanged during your next order check out.

Just put their code to receive a discount in your shopping cart.

Here you can see and admnistrate them.
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My wishlist:

Add articles to a wishlist.
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My loyalty point:

Buying certain articles selected by us, you can gain loyalty points that can be changed for cash in future orders. If an article applies to receive points and how many can be seen in the article description.
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My alerts:

Personal messages and alerts.
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Referral program:

We appreciate it a lot if you recommend us to others. Therefor we offer a nice reward for every new client you brought us. You just have to instruct to put your email during registration in a special available field. Below this menu you can see all your succeses and progress and administer your rewards.
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Here you sign in or out of your account.
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