How do you size a ring: diamter conversion chart


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Leather rings made to your size.

  • Before buying a ring you want to know the appropriate size so that it fits to you well. We suppose that the majority of the people does not have a professional tool to determine the size. Easiest it is to measure the diameter of the ring. This means measuring from a side to the another inAll leather bracelets of the Azahar series are made to your size. the
  • Look for a ring that fits you well.
  • Don´t you have on? Make one with paper and scotch at the right size.
  • Measure the diameter like shown at the bottom.
  • The indicated sizes correspond with the diameters (Maat = size).
  • If it falls between two sizes, choose the greatest.


Ring sizes (Maat = size)

1 inches = 2.54 centimeters
0,40 inch = 1cm
1cm = 10mm (Put the comma 1 to the left of the values below the sizes to transform into cm´s)



Tamaño de anillos

C´est très important mesurer la taille de votre doigt avant acheter un bague.