Everything you need for the making of your own handmade beaded necklace


Some general information for beading starters:

Thread or cord

  • Bracelets and necklaces can be made by stringing beads
  • One uses: nylon thread, metal thread, silk thread, synthetic thread in all colours, elastic nylon with different thickness, waxed cotton, natural leather, rubber, etc.
  • the choise of technique and the rights string is very important.Metal wire for beading.


  • Check bead hole and thread size. Be sure the thread fits, also if you have to pass trough several times.
  • Check weight of beads. This determines the choise of the thread next to to the size.


  • For a long necklace full of small hole crystal pearls you should use metallic thread . Use a calotte to close. Like this you avoid breaking beacuse of the weight of the pearls.
  • For necklaces with several rows decide to use nylon thread to be able to sting several times through the same hole for a safe and light solution. Metal thread twill not allow this for it´s thickess.

Nylon thread.For a small bracelet with the same but smaller glass pearls, use nylon of 0,25mm,  0,40mm or similar size . Close with calottes and a clasp. THis can also be done with elastic thread of 0.80mm. A flat knot with some glue pulled into a bead  finishes off, no clasp needed!Waxed cotton cord. This is a simpe and effective solution....

NOTE: If you can use used knots, crimp beads, crimp terminals or calottes to finish the ends of the threads or what type of clasp to use is determined by the characteristics and flexibility of the cord or thread.
ADVICE: Always verify before buying beads and the jewellery accessories if they allow to make your beading creations in a easdy and safe manner.

  • Using chain

Using chain you can use head or eye pins and jump rings to connect charms made of beads. Juts like the typical charm bracelet. For this you need to learn the appropriate lechnique, cutting pins and making rings using several pliers. If for example you pas an elastic cord through the chain stringing beads up, you get a nice effect.  The links stay all connected, but tensing the elastic using a knot they get like shuffled into eachother.Chain gold colored. No need to use any claps because of the elastic effect.
Also you can divide the chain into several parts. The end links of each part you connect with jump rings / crimp ends to other materials, like fabric or cord.

  • IMPORTANT: always choose chains with links can be opened easily. (Our assortment exists of especial chain for making beaded jewellery.)
  • MORE INFORMATION: You can find more Information about costume jewellery techniques and schemes on our link pages. Also we try to provide you with techniques and ideas ourselves on our special jewellery making page.

If your in Vinaros Spain, we welcome you to one of our jewellery making courses.

Enjoy your beading!


Ball chain