find all about making bracelets in different ways


To do so you can find a great variety of beads and accessories of imitation jewellery.

The following basic information and advice should be taken into account:

  • With thread or cord

Bracelets and necklaces can be made by stringing the beads using materials like: nylon thread, metal thread, silk thread, synthetic thread in all colours, elastic nylon with different thickness, or any other type of cord, be it cotton with wax, natural leather, rubber, etc. Often the used thread is not even seen but there are reasons other than aesthetics that decide what thread to use. Depending on your ideas and the beads that you like to integrate in your necklace or bracelet, the election of the technique and the type of thread that use are very important.Metal wire for making heavier bracelets or necklaces.

IMPORTANT: Here the size of hole and the weight of the beads must correspond to the technique; it is necessary to use an appropriate thread so that your jewellery creation will not break and that the beads can be strung well. Take into account also that when you have to string a bead several times back and forth, that the thickness of the hole of the bead and the size of the thread are compatible.

EXAMPLE: For a simple long necklace made with and full of crystal pearls with a small hole, it is better to use metallic thread with a calotte to close because by the weight the risk that it breaks is very big.

If the necklace has several rows, you can decide to use nylon thread and to string through several times for a safe light solution. With metal thread this probably will not work by the size of the hole and the thickness of the thread.

Nylon thread black for jewellery makingIf it is only a small bracelet with the same glass pearls, but small ones, then it can be made with nylon of 0,25mm or 0,40mm or similar size with calottes and a clasp. Equally it would hold with elastic thread of 0.80mm and flat knot pulled into the bead Cotton waxed cord yellowputting some glue in the knot. This is an effective and simple solution without having to put a clasp.

NOTE: The characteristics and flexibility of the thread determine if you can use used knots, crimp beads, crimp terminals or calottes to finish the ends of the threads as well as what type of clasp to put best.

ADVICE: Think before choosing a technique and choosing the beads that you like of the following: Verify before buying beads and the imitation jewellery accessories if the complements that you choose allow you to realise your creations of imitation jewellery with quality and in a safe way.

  • With chain

If you choose to use chain you can use head or eye pins and jump rings to connect the beads or pendants to the chain. An example is the charm bracelet. This if you know since to make rings with pins using pliers. An option is to pass thread, cord, or for example an elastic type of cord by the links of the chain, stringing beads. This gives a nice effect and if you connect the links again in the end there is no need to put a clasp by the elastic effect created.Metal chain gold color to make costume jewellery

The links of the necklace or bracelet can again be connected to other types of terminal materials using for example crimp ends and jump rings, connecting for example pieces of chain with cord. This can very nice for necklaces.

IMPORTANT: always use a chain with links that are opened easily. (Our whole assortment of chain is made with links specially made for beading jewellery.)

More detailed information about the several forms to make imitation jewellery you can find in our inspiration pages or link pages about imitation jewellery techniques and schemes!

In Créate in Vinaros you can learn creating your own imitation jewellery in one of our jewellery workshops. In order to read how this works click here .

We hope that this information and our links pages help you to make your own distinguished and pretty bead jewellery creations.



Ball chain to make fashionable costume jewellery.