Make rings yourself: making instructions, beads and supplies


En short there are two ways: easy ones and complicated ones!

  • Passing beads on an elastic wire, put one on a threaded rod with ring base, stick a semi-precious stone on a plane base, or resembling techniques, can be considered as being easy. Nevertheless, the results can be precious if one knows how to combine.
  • To sew all kinds of beading schemes with a loose ore integrated colander using nylon thread can be considered difficult. Here one can use Swarovski stones or any kind of bead with the right size.

We recommend to look for schemes on our inspiration pages and see examples of our own creations. Also you can have a look at our link pages with beading techniques.

Underneath a view pictures of bases we sell that can be used for all kind of creations.

Enjoy beading!

Ring with colander. Faceted beads design on top.Ring with colander to sew on all kinds of nice bead designs and creations.Leather ring base with bar and screw ball to put on beads e.g. like Pandora Eye rings to make creations with head pins and beadsAjustable ring with flas base to glue on beads or stones or Nespresso creations.