Personalised jewellery making... especially for you


One of our activities is the making of custom beaded jewellery for our clients in our workshop in Vinaroz Spain.

Please don´t go now ! First have a look online at our unique already designed and handmade models. You can easily order and have them send to you per Xpress!

We are sure you will like the tour and hopefully you find something to your likings. Go to the webshop or have a look at our example pictures!

To make jewellery 100% personalized unfortunately is a service we cannot offer online. For this, we invite you to visit us in our shop. We talk about your ideas, help you with your bead and findings election. Like this and in a careful process, we reach at a concrete and workable design exactly to you likings! And of course, once approved, we make it for you!

So do not hesitate to order your own unique personalized jewellery and visit us if you are around enjoying the Mediterean beaches, sun and food.

Or perhaps you want to learn beading yourself? Read more about our workshops!

We hope to be able to meet you personally, or that one of our one of a kind handmade costume jewellery designs will convince you...

We are open to suggestions and fashion designers looking for accompanying jewellery with their collection should certainly contact us! (We can take care of the design and the production afterwards).

Many Regards,


We designs and make personalised beaded costume jewellery exactly to your likings.We designs and make personalised beaded costume jewellery exactly to your likings.