Jewelry making courses and workshops: prices and information



We teach jewelry making in classes and workshops

Créate offers two kinds of workshops:

One time Workshop

  • The workshop takes about 3,5 hours

  • Participants work with one beading technique. Other techniques will be explained briefly

  • During the workshop an assembly will be made, e.g.: a necklace with bracelet and earrings


One month / 4 times classes:

  • Consists of 4 workshops of about 1,5 hours, normally one time a week. If possible and requested by the group, other schedules can be agreed upon  

  • In every workshop a different technique is taught and an assembly will be made using the corresponding technique. E.g.: a bracelet with earrings, a necklace with a key hanger etc.


General information

How to register?

  • We offer the Workshop when you want and when you can come, Mornings, midday's or late afternoons, except for Sundays and Mondays

  • Let us know your preferences. When we have a group of 4 people we contact all to verify and set a date and time for the workshop to take place

  • You can register by sending us an email at [email protected] or call Rikst at +34 677 44 88 68


  • Before the workshop begins you choose your beads and materials to your likings out of an ample selection. You can only choose from the materials offered by Créate

  • The price of the workshop more or less corresponds with the shop prices of the used material, meaning the teaching, using the tools etc. is for free.

  • When a group really wants to work with all materials that can be found in the shop, a different kind of arrangement has to be made


Workshop and ambiance

  • During the workshop you will be offered a drink and a snack

  • The workshop takes place in Créate´s workshop in a relaxing ambiance

  • There is individual guidance for everybody and the most important thing is to enjoy your self.....

  • To take a break or for smokers, please make use of our nice outdoor Andalusian patio


You always go home with beautiful beadwork made by your self!



  • One-time Workshop:

    * Adults: € 35,- all included
    * children till 13 years of age: € 30,- all included

  • One-month workshop:  

    * Adults: € 67,50-, all included
    * children till 13 years of age: € 50-, all included

  • Exceptions

If you want to participate during a month but you cannot attend all 4 times, the price per workshop is:

    * € 22,50 for adults as well as for children till 13 years of age:

If you have any questions what so ever, please contact us.